Summer and Your Shih Tzu

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Caring for your Shih Tzu During the HOT Summer Months

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Shih-tzu are hardy, little dogs. Aside from eye problems, they are easy to take care of. The summertime is when YOU should keep on the lookout for any skincare changes on your shih-tzu eg, spots on the lip and nose colors changing from black to pink.

If a shih-tzu black lips and nose start to turn pink, then it will be more sensitive to the sun in the hot summer months, and if one lives in a warm climate year-round, you will need to make sure they limit the exposure the dog gets in the sun, and the animal should go out in the sun after 4:00 p.m. only, when the sun’s ultra-violet rays are less strong.

There are variant factors for lip changes, the worse scenario being skin cancer, the least hereditary. In-between, a shih-tzu might have an enzyme or nutritional deficiency, or allergy. When in doubt, it is best to take your shih-tzu to a vet for proper diagnosis. Many owners put sun cream on a dog’s pink spots, but you will need to check with your vet to find out what is non-toxic to your dog; especially around the animal’s mouth and sensitive areas.

Alergies and your Shih Tzu

A lot of shih-tzu have allergies, and problems may occur from a food bowl; plastic being the culprit behind dog lip dermatitis. Like people, dogs are also affected by the change in the weather, the summer being a causative factor in heat inflicted allergies and rashes; due to overgrowth of certain yeasts in the environment and the heat. Fleas also breed more in hot climates, and are a nuisance in summer. If your dog is scratching more in the summertime, it may be having a reaction to flea bites. Look at your dog’s underarms, and for any balding patches, or “hot spots.” This is a sign that there may be some on-going parasitic flea activity.

What you can do to help your dog, is to keep their coat clean, and well brushed. Regular brushing eliminates dead skin cells, and will help lubricate the skin with natural oils. Try not to over-wash your pet, even if they have fleas. A lot of that natural oil is a lubricant, keeping your shih tzu dog’s skin moist. Over washing may make the dog itchy, and create further skin problems.

A good shampoo to help a dog with both fleas and dermatitis may be a medicated brand, similar to what humans use for scalp dandruff/dermatitis. These types of shampoos are very effective for killing fleas on your dog. Check out the recommended products page for trusted dog shampoo products. Test a small area of your dog’s fur to see how it reacts to this shampoo. If your dog is ultra sensitive, they could be allergic. Check your dog for ticks before you shampoo; for you will want to wash the areas, where ticks have been, unless in the ears. Never put water in your dogs ears! To Lear more about how to care for your Shih Tzu Click here!

Recommended Shih Tzu Summer Product!

Shih Tzu love going for walks and in the hot summer heat they will get very thirsty. It is important to keep your pup hydrated during the summer months. I recommend a ‘Gulpy” water dispenser. These are great, they clip on to your jeans and you simply flip the bottle up to fill up the bowl to give your thirsty friend a drink.. Available in yellow, green, blue or pink. Click on the image below to buy yours through Amazon.




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