Give your Shih Tzu a raw Carrot!

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Shih Tzu + Raw Carrot = Hours of Fun!

No I’m not joking, they LOVE them!

Its great with teething pups too and they get so much enjoyment out of chewing and gnawing at them. Carrots are also a healthy alternative snack versus fat-filled dog treats. Giving a Shih Tzu a small carrot a day will promote dental health by not leaving deposits in the teeth or adding plaque to the gums. The texture of the carrot will actually clean the teeth and gums and remove any leftover food stuck in the teeth. By removing the plaque build-up, you will notice that the Shih Tzu’s breath smells better and the teeth appear cleaner too! Its a win win situation! For more information on Shih Tzu Oral Hygiene Click here!

Get your Shih Tzu a carrot to try a carrot and let us know if they enjoy it!




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